Useful Makeup Tips for the Party Season

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Almost every woman out there loves wearing makeup! However, makeup is not something you can “just apply”. Getting makeup right requires the correct know how, good products and practice.


I’m sure you’ll be running to your makeup kit quite often this season with all the parties you’ll be attending and so I’m presenting to you a few quick tips on makeup application this party season to make you appear even more glamorous and gorgeous.


Party makeup tips

This festive season, your makeup should be bright, shimmery, high definition and yet not over the top. There is a fine line between gorgeous and garish. However, for any product application on your skin to look good, it is very important to keep your skin moisturized at all times, especially during winter and the same goes for your lips.


Make use of HD products for that dewy, flawless looking base. Use a good concealer to mask imperfections, if any. Contouring is a must for that chiselled look, be it the cheeks, jaw line, nose and even your eyes.







One product that you cannot miss is the mascara. Add lots of mascara to the lashes and you're good to go. When doing up your eyes, make use of eye shadow pigments as they'll add that instant pop of colour required.


                            mascara for party makeup


In case you aren't too fond of glitter, you may opt for the classic smoky eyes look.


                               smokey eyes makeup


You can beautify your lips with any bright colour as per your outfit.


                 bright colour lipistic


You can also apply a little bit of shimmer on the cheek bones to highlight the area. It is advisable to avoid pink cheeks this season and go for a bronzed look instead.


And now you’re ready!


About the Author


Naina Ruhail fashion blogger

Naina Ruhail, fashion blogger at I Speak What You Love, is a Delhi based freelance makeup artist. Naina loves writing about fashion, beauty and styling and enjoys sharing her tips on the same. She also conducts personal makeup workshops on and off which run to full capacity.
















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