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Debarati Mohanta

Hello everyone! This is Debarati (Debbie) and I’m gonna be giving you some tips and tricks to avoid Fashion Faux Pas.


Now, first of all, if by any chance you are wondering what ‘Fashion Faux Pas’ actually means, it just means ‘The Don’ts of Fashion’. The phrase ‘Faux Pas’ (pronounced ‘Fo Paa’) is French for ‘false pass’ or ‘false-step’ or ‘misstep’. So ‘Fashion Faux Pas’ denotes the things we shouldn’t have done while styling ourselves, like say, wearing a leopard print short dress and peep-toe pumps at a basketball game. See what I mean? I’m sure you do.  smiley


Now I totally understand that Style is pretty personalised these days and Fashion is just an expression, so every individual has got his own way of expressing himself/herself, but there are definitely certain things which differentiate fashionable people from everyone else. That celebrity or that friend of yours you think about whenever you hear the term ‘fashionable’, if you notice carefully he/she follows certain “rules” which actually make them look that fabulous every time you see them. And while there’s a huge list for things you ‘could’ do to be fashion-forward, there are certain things which you might ‘avoid’ doing. Here’s three of them:   


1. The right color of shoes:


Play it safe by not matching your shoes to your one solid colored dress/top. For example, do not wear purple shoes with purple top or yellow shoes with a yellow dress. If you are wearing a bright single-colored top/dress,nude shoes look the best. You may also go with black shoes or if you feel more daring, you ‘may’ experiment with another color and may be try color blocking, but never matching shoes, girls!


Wearing a different colored shoe with your outfit brings out the individuality of each element of your outfit whereas by wearing the same colored shoes as your outfit, you are kind of snatching away the power of your shoes and laying all credit on the color of your dress. 


wear right colour of shoes


2. Make-up do’s and don’ts:


Never go with a bright/bold color for the eyes ‘as well as’ the lips. Choose either of them, i.e, either eyes ‘or’ lips.


Going bold on both your eyes and your lips, makes you look like you have a lot of make-up on and makes you look like you are trying too hard to look beautiful. Let the world see how beautiful you are, naturally. So if you are going for say a dark smokey eye, keep the lips muted with a nude or a neutral color. Likewise if you loved to sport red lips that day, keep your eye makeup simple.


Makeup do and dont


3. Have a single statement piece of accessory:


Never wear statement earrings and statement necklace together with an outfit. We all love to dress-up during special occasions in our lives, don’t we? But we shouldn’t look like we are wearing all that we have or could afford. LOL. [Tell me you have never seen someone who looked liked that, and I’ll admit I’m wrong. smiley ]


My favourite combination is wearing a saree with just statement earrings and no necklace. This makes our neckline look more elongated and gives us that celebrity-type look we always love.


On the other hand, a statement necklace is good throw-on that can instantly glam up your outfit. So if you are adorning that lovely statement necklace of yours, do remember to wear small or no earrings with that.


single statement peice of accessory


If you followed any of my fashion/styling tips, be sure to share a picture on Fashionlivre  and  send me a picture of you, all fashionably dressed-up, on my facebook page, Fashion For All.


Debarati Mohanta (Debbie)


Twitter: @DebbieATdZenith

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Mona On Tuesday, August 26, 2014 @ 11:43 am

very interesting information


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