The Male Approach to Romantic Relationships

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The differences between you and the opposite sex never go unnoticed. It is always right there staring at you and while it may be cute and adorable sometimes, it is, more often than not, irksome.


Sure, it may seem like men are from another planet and you may want to beat yourself up for it when things get out of hand. But, all you need is to take a deep breath and get a good insight into the male psyche.


Men relationship


Get ready to decode your man...


He is Practical


While women take decisions with a wide range of emotions, men take the practical route. Being practical comes naturally to him; it’s not something he chooses, it’s how he’s hardwired. But here’s why you should be grateful for it, a healthy mix of practical and emotional is what contributes to the success of the relationship.


He is Straightforward (he expects you to be the same...)


Women love dropping hints around, don’t they? You may deny it, but that’s what you and I do. We drop hints and leave clues and expect him to pick up on them; however, men are quite straightforward in their approach. They rarely pick up on hints because they don’t know how to drop any themselves! They get straight to the point without beating around the bush and they feel it’s natural for you to do the same.


He Says It As It Is


When a man says, “it’s nothing,” it is nothing; but when a woman says, “it’s nothing,” oh, there’s definitely something. Our dictionaries are different! We don’t choose it; it’s just the way we are. So the next time he tells you, “it’s nothing,” trust that it’s nothing but if there is something on your mind, you got to say more than “it’s nothing!”


He’s the Solution-Man


Men and relationship


The moment you talk to your man about your mother’s woes, your terrible boss, an annoying colleague or a life crisis, he immediately jumps to tackle your problem with a list of solutions. But all women want sometimes is a listening ear. Men like to feel important, they love to know you need them and that their advice matters and this is why they will offer solutions to practically every problem you put before them even if a solution is not what you want.


He Ogles


Men love


Don’t you freak out when you catch him checking other women out? Relax; it’s the way he’s wired. It’s the amount of testosterone in his body that gets to work when an attractive woman passes by and he ogles. He can’t help it! But the good news is that it’s only momentary. She disappears from his memory as soon as she disappears from his sight.


He Loves his Space


Men and love


Whether it is game night with the boys, a picnic with the colleagues or a family dinner, if he wants to go, let him go. Don’t stop him! You can be a mother, a sister, a daughter, a colleague or a friend 24 / 7. But men need to switch off and on as that’s how they de-stress. He needs his space to be himself and when you allow that, you let him come back to you all rejuvenated to love you more.


He Doesn’t Like Being Told What to Do   


He loves feeling that he’s doing a good job in the relationship. But when you tell him what to do and what not to, he feels you’re saying, “you’re not good at this and you need to change.” When you’re critical of him, he feels like you’re putting him down and not letting him be the man he is. The male ego is very sensitive and hurting it can cost you dearly.


He’s All Mushy Inside


Men relationship


Oh! He loves being all macho and detached from the outside. But he’s a softie on the inside. What you think about him and they way you feel matters to him. He may not show it often, but deep inside, he cares.


Is there anything else you’d like to add about the opposite sex?




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