How to Work Neons into a Man’s Wardrobe

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Neon…and men… Now, isn’t that an odd combination? Men, you probably must have not even imagined yourselves pulling off neons without hurting your masculinity and women, you probably would never want to see your man give you a complex by sporting neon colours. However, Fashionlivre has promised that we will bring to you, dear men, the hottest trends ever and we deliver style first hand.


Neon for men wardrobe


So, read ahead and let us give you some fashion tips to help you sport neons and pull them off stylishly. Incorporate these colours into your wardrobe and all the women will find you so irresistible; they just won’t be able to take their eyes off you.


1: Neon Shorts


If you want to play it safe with neons and keep your experimentation to a minimal, neon shorts are your best bet. Play with colours like orange, pink, blue, green or yellow and team it up with lighter coloured tees for a cool, casual look.


Neon Shorts


2: Neon Tees


If you can pull any of these bright neons off, it’s best to pair them up with a pair of black or blue jeans.


Neon tees Men


3: Neon Jackets


One of the best fashion tips we can give you for the winter is throwing on a neon jacket with any sober casual outfit of your choice.


neon Jackets Men


4: Neon Jerseys


Men can never go wrong with jerseys, so when you want to show off your sporty side stylishly, do so with bright dazzling neons. The ladies will find it harder to resist.


Neon Jackets Men


5: Neon Shoes


No one’s going to judge you for colourful sports shoes like these. They’re fun, they’re fascinating, they’re sporty and they’re probably the best thing you could ever gift your feet.


Neon shoes


6: Neon Accessories


You can keep the neon trend to a minimal by sporting neon accessories like belts, watches, studs, shoelaces and even cell phone cases.


Neon Accessories for men


7: Neon for the Office


The trend of neon colours is pretty casual, which is why it might not be entirely appropriate for you to sport neon at the workplace. While you are free to pull off any of the above styles on casual Fridays at work, who says you can’t bring a fascinating pop of neon to work with you otherwise.


Neon at work


You could restrict your neon choices for the workplace to a neon tie or a neon coat kerchief. These are best paired with dark and dull colours like grey, navy blue and black.


So are you ready to invite the freshness of neon into your closet? We best hope you are! 


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Image Reference: Fashionbeans


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