How Jewellery Reflects our Emotional Well Being

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She walks down the street in those six inch pencil heels, strutting perfectly with that gorgeous handbag swaying from left to right on her forearm. That little black dress comes alive with those intricately crafted earrings, that necklace that sits seamlessly on her collarbone and that bracelet which catches every passerby’s eye. And you just know... she is a complete woman!


Jewellery emotional wellbeing


Did you know that the jewellery you wear or choose not to wear reflects your personality? Well, that’s what our author of today’s Style Guide post has to say!


According to Nidhi, jewellery reflects our emotional well being (apart from the financial well being, of course). People who complement their outfits well with their accessories are found to be very social and malleable.


For such people, dressing is a stress buster and provides them with a medium to interact and get noticed in public. They, in general, are very approachable and love compliments. They are also very practical and are open minded.


They are the doers.


On the other hand, people who do not give jewellery and other accessories importance are often found to be confused and simple. They either don’t know how to dress themselves up or they are shy to face the world. They love to hide in their own cocoons. They have their own set of principles and live by them. They are usually extremely emotional and overdo things in life, with no personal space for themselves.


They are the thinkers.


In general bold and assertive people wear animal prints and leather accessories. The classy and composed are ones who wear sophisticated jewellery and lastly, you are creative and quirky if you are seen in whimsical prints and clashing colour jewellery.


Your choice of jewellery makes you who you are! These are my thoughts; if you have a thought to share, do leave your comments.


The author of this post, Nidhi, is a fashion blogger at Bespoke Art Jewellery. Nidhi has a keen sense of fashion with an eye for high end jewellery. To know more about the author and learn from her valuable style tips, do visit her personal blog.




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