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Sandhya Oza mrs charity UKThe woman with many achievements to her name, that’s how we, at Fashionlivre, can only attempt to describe Sandhya Oza. She defines the “woman of substance” concept and with her many laurels, from winning Mrs Charity UK to her image consultation service DresSmart, running Curry Classes and also being a loving mother of two, we can only be proud. Want to know how she does it all? Read ahead for an interesting insight into Sandhya Oza’s life and get inspired.


It’s always raining feathers in your cap! What drives you to constantly achieve newer laurels in life?

The desire to fulfill my dreams and to achieve higher. Don’t want to look back tomorrow and think ‘I wish I had done that’. 


Mrs Charity UK, a model, an image consultant, traveling around the world, Curry Classes and a mother of two... how does the super woman in you manage all this and much more?

Takes two to tango! My family and my parents support me in all my endeavors. I make sure I don’t miss out on the family and keep a balance with the work I do.



How would you describe your journey so far? Are you content with all you’ve achieved or do you have any regrets?

I do all I do so I have no regrets smiley. My journey so far has been exciting because I make sure I bring in that factor in whatever I do. Even if it was a job like I did in UK in Aerospace, you would never find me miserable. I make the most of the moment. Carpe Diem – seize the moment has been me. If you are content with all you’ve achieved, you will stop. So I am content with everything I achieve and strive to do better smiley .


Sandhya OzaMrs UK charity 2014

How has motherhood changed your life?



What prompted you to establish DresSmart?

The desire to reach out to women to let them know they have the best in them to explore. Sharing your knowledge and your skills is the best you can do.


Sandhya Oza dress smart


You’ve made Indian cooking a lot easier for many of your students. How does it feel to be identified with your brand Curry Classes?

I love it. I have people relish the food and realize how simple it is to cook a healthy meal. I am on Trip Advisor and have students from the world over now in India. Earlier in UK, it was usually only the British.


curry classes


How busy has winning the title of Mrs Charity UK kept you?

Just the right amount, helping me balance home and work. smiley


Mrs Uk charity


You inspire a feeling of all round achievement in many women who come across your success story. How does it feel to be a role model?

Thank you for that. I realize that I am a role model only when told. I just want women to realize their potential and not loose their identity.


What is your personal mantra in life?

Carpe diem!!


What advice would you like to give our women readers at Fashionlivre?

Live it up and enjoy womanhood. We live once and must make the most of it. Please don’t hide behind your family and loose your identity. And for the younger lot, I’d quote William Shakespeare, "All the world's a stage"



Feeling inspired already? Thanks to Sandhya! Here’s wishing her the best wishes for the upcoming Mrs. Universe pageant in August from Team Fashionlivre and all our followers.



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