Decoding the Taurus Woman: Love, Friendships, Family & Style

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Wonder how a star sign associated with the bull can have a gentle, sweet-natured woman on its side? Yes, the Taurus woman has an explosive temper lurking underneath her loveable personality, but she draws it all out only when provoked beyond limits. Otherwise, she is the most sensible, patient, tender and caring woman you will ever know.


Tarus women


The Taurus Woman is:


  • Sensitive - Towards those around her. She has a big heart and cares for everyone.


  • Patient - She doesn’t let people and things bother her easily. She is patient and understanding with them. However, if she is ignited over time and provoked beyond limit, the explosive temper that follows is tumultuous, harsh and destructive.


  • Cleaver – She has wit and intellect on her side. She is wise on her feet, but she is not the kind who likes to prove her point to others.


  • Unadventurous – She doesn’t like change; she doesn’t like trying new things. She tends to get comfortable with the people and things she likes and finds her security among them.

The Taurus Woman in Love


The Taurus Woman is a romantic at heart and she adores a man who showers her with all the romance in the world. She loves gifts, sweet nothings and to be told she’s the best thing that ever happened to him. Because it’s very difficult to truly anger her, she is quite the preferred match among men.


tarus women


She is also very generous towards her man along with being affectionate and sensual. Although she doesn’t commit till she’s sure he’s the right man for her, once she does, nothing can stop her from loving him unconditionally.


The Taurus Woman’s Friends


Tarus women


The Taurus Woman takes friendships very seriously. She is one of those people whose childhood friendships are still intact and going strong. She may not have hundreds of friends, but those she has she is loyal to and expects the same from them. She’s not the kind to pick fights with her friends. When obstacles come in the way of her friendship, she takes the wiser way by opting to talk the problem out patiently.


The Taurus Woman is Family-Oriented


tarus women


She makes an excellent mother, but she expects her children to be obedient in return. Although she is a loyal family member and can walk the mile for her parents, grandparents, siblings and children, she knows where to draw the line. If she finds her generosity being taken advantage of, she’s practical enough to put an end to it.


The Taurus Woman’s Style


Tarus women style


The Taurus Woman believes in quality. She goes after labels and the finest imported fabrics because she doesn’t like settling for less when it comes to fashion. For her, fashion and style are an investment she cannot afford to live without. She loves keeping it classy, tasteful and elegant because according to her, clothes maketh the woman.


And with all these characteristics up her sleeve, who wouldn’t love the Taurus Woman?


Here’s a look at some famous Taurus Woman – Megan Fox, Anushka Sharma, Queen Elizabeth II, Madhuri Dixit-Nene and Adele.


Tarus women celebrities






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