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The rednotebook

Mandavi @ The Red Notebook has many accolades to her name; personal stylist, fashion and lifestyle blogger and co-founder of the blog – The Red Notebook. With a keen sense of style, an eye for good design and an enthusiastic love for fashion, Mandavi believes in empowering people’s fashion sensibilities while helping them discover their unique style.


Read on to know more about this enthusiastic fashionista.



You clearly have a very good taste in fashion. What fuelled your fashion sensibilities and your interest in fashion blogging?

Watching my mom wear a sari and put on her makeup every day to work was my first introduction to fashion. I always had an interest in clothes and dressing-up but never really thought of expanding my interests. When I started working, I got an opportunity to work with some great fashion brands in their ecommerce departments and that rekindled my love for good design and style. I started my blog to express my love for style, fashion and good design. My blog provides me a creative platform to share my lifestyle and fashion choices with others.


Therednotebook indian blogger

The Red Notebook! What’s the story behind your blog’s identity?

Both my sister and I have a good eye for design. While my sister has a keen interest in interior design, I focus my energy on fashion and style. We both always talked about doing something more with our interests, and contemplated writing a blog. After months of probing and skype discussions we came up with The Red Notebook. Our blog has given us an opportunity to share our passion with others and inspire them to create their individual style.


What’s your personal style statement?

I would like to describe my style statement as modern feminine.


Your fashion sense is clearly an inspiration to many. What’s the number one fashion advice you have to give our followers?

Be true to yourself. Do not follow trends blindly. Wear what looks best on your body shape. Experiment with your looks as it will help you create your individual style statement.


What according to you are the most popular fashion trends of the season?

I think prints are really big this season followed by florals, sports luxe and monochrome looks. Midis and crop tops are also big at the moment.


TherednotebookWhat colors are a must have for this season?

Monochrome shades, pastel shades and blue.


Since fashion is not all about your wardrobe and is also about how well groomed you are, do you have any grooming tips for our followers?

When I am at home I am in my pyjamas with a messy hair bun. But when I go out, I make an effort to put my best foot forward.


Who is your personal style icon and what inspiration do you draw from them?

I personally like Victoria Beckham, Alexander Chung, Vani Kapoor and Sonam Kapoor. I like their effortless styles and how confidently they carry off different looks.


What look do you think one can never go wrong with?

A black midi dress is timeless elegance.


Your fashion blog is clearly making waves in the arena. If you had to describe your blog in one word, what would it be?

One word would be difficult but if I have to then it would be ‘elegant’.


Therednotebook Indian fashion blogger


The red note book




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