11 Fashion Tips Every Woman Should Know

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Do you consider yourself a fashionista?


If you feel your passion for fashion from the inside, if it flows through every cell of your body and if it radiates in the clothes you wear day in and day out, then you are one.


But wearing clothes is something everybody does every day, isn’t it? What sets you apart from the crowd is your personal sense of style. You could be part of the crowd or you could stand out.


Fashion tips


So, if you are a fashionista and you were born to dress up, here are 11 Fashion Tips you cannot go through life without knowing!


# 1 - Know Your Body Type


body type


The first step to dressing up right is knowing your body type and your body shape. Once you know your type, you can choose the right outfits accordingly. For example, if your body resembles an hourglass, you can wear tubes and short dresses that draw attention to your skinny waistline.


# 2 - Show Skin Strategically


If you’re wearing a mini skirt, make sure your top has all your lady parts well covered. If you’re wearing sleeveless, make sure you don’t show too much leg. And if you’re showing cleavage, make sure the rest of you is covered. Skin show looks classy when done strategically. The trick lies in drawing focus to only one part of your body at a time. Too much skin show looks simply brash.


# 3 - Are Your Trousers Well Hemmed?


Fashion tips


The hemline of your full length trousers should just graze the top of your shoe and be anywhere from ½ to ¾ of an inch above the ground. Many women make mistakes with hemlines and end up looking like they’re wearing someone else’s pants.


# 4 – Invest in a Good Pair of Jeans


Fashion must have


Do you turn to jeans when you don’t know what else to wear? Jeans are every girl’s saviour and this makes it important for you to invest in a great pair. Instead of buying 10 dresses you’ll wear to only one occasion each, invest a good sum of money in a well-fitting, tough pair of jeans.


# 5 – The Bigger Picture Matters


Most fashionistas make the mistake of paying attention only to their clothes. What they tend to forget is that the entire outfit matters. So when you go shopping, don’t only look for clothes, you should, in fact, look for the right bag, the right pair of shoes, the right pair of earrings, the right necklace and also makeup.


# 6 – Own a Pair of Nude Pumps


Fashion tips


Nude pumps pair well with every colour and every print. You need not have different shoes for different dresses if you have one great pair of nude pumps.


# 7 – Experiment Once in a While


Do people know you as the jeans and tee girl? It’s time to make a change. Go shopping and look for things you’d never otherwise try. Look for dresses, skirts, baggy pants, blazers and other items which aren’t part of your closet. Change helps!


# 8 – Make Sure You’re Comfortable


There’s no sense wearing the most amazing dress in the world if you’re uncomfortable in it. Discomfort leads to consciousness and that’s something which can be spotted even in the most crowded of rooms. So before you look for style, consider your comfort factor.


# 9 - Check Yourself Out


Fashion tips


When you go shopping, you must check yourself out from every angle. Clothes that look fabulous on the front may appear unsightly at the back. So do make sure you take a 360 degree look at yourself before you make a purchase. Or better yet, take a partner along to shop with you. A second opinion is always helpful. 


# 10 - Store Correctly


Fashion tips


This is the biggest rule in the book; unless you’re a use once and throw away kind of girl. You can maintain the freshness and newness of your clothes, shoes, bags and accessories only by storing them correctly. Make a mess out of it and you’ll end up looking like a mess yourself.


# 10 – Be Charitable


Rummage through your closet twice every year and give away to charity things you haven’t worn in the last six month. This also includes clothes that don’t fit well anymore, that you have overworn, those which aren’t trendy anymore and those you are done with. Your closet needs breathing space; so give away the excess to charity.







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